Europa Institut at the University of Zurich

The Europa Institut at the University of Zurich (EIZ) is one of the leading centres of expertise for European Law and is an important provider of advanced legal training in Switzerland. The EIZ provides consulting-, training- and information services in all areas of European law and Swiss commercial law.





Recent Publication 

EU Treaties

Consolidated versions with the amendments introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon

Andreas Kellerhals/Tobias Baumgartner (Ed.), 2012, 411 Seiten, broschiert, Dike Verlag.

[ISBN 978-3-03751-433-7]


Europa Institut at the
University of Zurich (EIZ)

Hirschengraben 56
CH-8001 Zürich

Phone +41 44 634 48 91
Fax +41 44 634 43 59

Office hours
Monday-Friday 9am-12am, 14pm-17.30pm o'clock


Further education 

The EIZ provides a wide range of legal training courses. Introduction on current topics on European politics and European, international as well as Swiss business law is given in seminars and public lectures by distinguished representatives of the academic, political and business world.




The EIZ organizes public lectures given by distinguished speakers from the national and international politics, business and academic scene. In addition, the EIZ invites distinguished speakers from the political and the business world. Furthermore, the EIZ organises international conferences.


Legal advice 

As a centre of expertise in European law, the EIZ advises government agencies and the private sector in all areas of European law as well as on topics on national and international business law. The range of consulting services includes a compilation of numerous legal opinions, expertise, studies and lectures.




The EIZ is publishing a series of over 150 volumes, mainly in the field of European commercial business law. The EIZ also publishes a journal on European Law on the topics of the latest developments in European law. The journal appears bimonthly, now in its tenth year.