International Legal English for Lawyers

Fall, 6 October – 25 November 2017 [PDF]
NEW: with Language Focus

Zentrum für Weiterbildung Zurich
Course Director: Prof. Dr. Andreas Kellerhals

In the beginning was the word. Then came the law.

The practice of the law is a word-based profession. Without knowledge of correct terminology, and an understanding of the related concepts, the legal practitioner will be at a disadvantage. It is vital that lawyers engaged in international matters are well-armed with proficiency in the language of international business law – English – in order to be fully effective.

Course description

This course was developed by international legal practitioners, in conjunction with the Europa Institut at the University of Zürich. This successful course has attracted over 200 legal professionals in the last five years and has now been revised and improved. Each module will have a specific section on ‘language focus’ covering the most relevant Legal English issues in speaking and writing. The focus is on the practical application of legal English in the work place. The goal is to offer legal professionals the extra competitive advantage of an advanced level of legal English. In relevant practice areas the participants will have hands-on exposure to contract terminology, statutory language, comparison of concepts in Common and Civil Law jurisdictions, and legal letter (and email) writing. Although this will not be a course in the law per se, it extends beyond the typical language course in that the meaning of terms, concepts and cases utilized in the Common Law will be explained.

The course takes place over 8 weeks, scheduled to accommodate those already engaged in full-time practice. Classes are led by two experienced, international lawyers, one qualified as a solicitor in the UK and the other a US attorney with an additional guest speaker.


Lawyers and other professionals (e.g. in law firms, state institutions and the Swiss courts) who have, or will soon have, to use English for legal purposes are encouraged to apply.

Course requirements

Participants should have a good knowledge of general English (minimum level is Cambridge First Certificate or higher). They should be prepared to attend at least 80% of the lessons and to participate actively so as to obtain maximum benefit from the course.


Participants who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate from the Europa Institut at the University of Zurich.



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Specialised Legal Englisch Course 

This new course has been developed for legal practitioners who have attended either the EIZ
course «International Legal English for Lawyers» or have taken the University of Zurich LL.M. in International Business Law.

The next course will take Place in April 2018.