English for Lawyers

Legal English as the foundation of common law
Proficiency in Legal English is an increasingly important skill for legal professionals working
in an international environment. The Europa Institute has been running courses in Legal
English for lawyers over the last twenty years and it is clear that there is a continuing
demand for a practice-oriented course in Legal English together with an understanding of
the key concepts of common law.
Developing a NEW CAS Legal English and Common Law on a two-semester basis

The founding principle of this new CAS is to combine tuition by legal practitioners and
academics with interactive written and verbal communication exercises. All course topics
will be relevant to legal practitioners, reflecting the use of Legal English in both commercial
and public law areas.

The CAS is offered in two sections- in the spring and in the fall-with different material in
each section so that participants can begin in either October or May. If only one section is
completed, the participant will receive a certificate of attendance for that section.
This new CAS will be the first time that such a course in Legal English and the Common Law
has been offered in Switzerland.
More informations and a schedule are available here on a seperate website of the UZH.