Student Testimonials

«The CAS Inhouse Counsel provides a comprehensive and broad program which addresses the whole range of legal and non-legal capabilities to address business issues in uncertain environments today and in the future. I highly appreciated the experience and inspirational approach of the speakers, their invaluable support and excellent, forward-looking advice.»
 Jean Brogle, lic. iur., Attorney at law (Participant CAS Inhouse Counsel), Chief Business Affairs & Legal Officer (CBA/CLO), uniqFEED AG, Zurich
«The course covers the legal and non-legal topics that are relevant for solving problems that arise for inhouse lawyers in most of the industries. In the CAS I enjoyed the exchange with both students and teachers from various backgrounds and appreciated the chosen approach.»
Eva-Maria Greiner, lic. iur.,  Attorney at law (Participant CAS Inhouse Counsel), Lawyer Sales and Trading Services, Credit Suisse AG, Zurich